I just finished my first complete, written from scratch article contribution for Wikipedia.  Since 2006 I’ve only done edits and other contributions for existing articles.

The article is a “draft” until it completes the review process.  While it’s a draft, it can be found here: Charles Robinson Rockwood.  When it’s accepted, it will be published here: Charles Robinson Rockwood

The writing and editing only took a couple of hours after Mr. Harriman turned the basic story over to me.  After that, all the references and citations had to be documented.  That took a really, really long time (a couple of days).  Unlike most Wikipedia contributions that have poorly referenced sources or broken links to online references, I wanted this article to be bullet proof.  I used as many as eight sources for a single sentence.  The fewest I used was three for a couple of paragraphs.  The article in its final form is unassailable.

My next Wikipedia project will be to correct all the other articles that have errors relating to the Salton Sea.  The most egregious of which are the numerous stories that refer to the Salton Sea being created by a flood.  There were actually several floods, but attributing the creation of the Salton Sea to a single flood is very misleading.  For more information on that subject, please see: www.LifeOfTheSaltonSea.com

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