What happens when one invents a word to replace two others?  Apparently in the noughties and early teens of the 2000’s, we take a step back in our linguistics, and dispose of the new term.

There’s a word for for went, gone, go, and goes (etc.) missing.  The word is disappeared.

Actually it’s not about going back to an old term whose origins are in multiple words for describing a single word.  It’s worse than that.  We’re devolving, IE, we’ve now reached the point in our language where we come up with multiple words for a single word.

It is absurd.  Really absurd.  Hopefully just a speed bump, but it could be putting us on the path to Idiocracy (PS, I love the president Camacho character as portrayed by Mr. Terry Crews)

Journalists hate the ‘replacement term’ and journalists use the ‘replacement term’.

So what should we do?  I’m thinking that we should keep using words like ‘cool’, ‘nifty’, etc., and accept that the current generation is expanding on our surreptitious roundup of words from the past that meant something radically different than their original meaning, but using two words instead of one.

Cool, but heinous too.  In the end, listen, speak, and steer the wondrous great blue ship that sails around the mighty sun in the direction you think it should go.  I’ll do the same.  Peace, out!

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