What does one do during the Covid-19 Virus outbreak to stay in shape if one is used to going to the gym on almost a daily basis.  Run?  Sure.  Bike.  That too.  But that’s legs and cardio, what about upper body?

For me it was time to break out the olympic weight bar that I’d bought back in the college days along with all the weight plates.  Except there was one issue.  I only had one 45 pound, 35 pound, and 25 pound plate.  Where were the rest.  I looked for almost a week (while resting an upper body shoulder and bicep issue), but couldn’t find them.

Ah, engineering to the rescue.  I had several hundred pounds of fence post concrete left over from a fence building project.  I can make weights out of them.  But how do I cast them?  Dig a hole is the easiest answer.  But then they’ll be rough and probably brittle, prone to breaking.

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