Consumption, Communication, and Creativity.  Only the first to Cs belong to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.  For all three Cs, you’ll need a real computer.

Consumption includes information through words, pictures, videos, and more

Communication occurs through written, verbal, and facial communication among other methods.

Creativity is something that cannot be done well with a mobile device.  Creativity requires a real computer.  One can argue this to not be the case.  But when creativity and artistry are done with a mobile device, it’s kindergartner level.  Art is art, and creativity is creativity and any kindergartner should be praised for their efforts.  But when an adult is creative on a kindergarten level, well, just no.  There is nothing to be complimented there.

Sure, mobile devices have lots of cool features.  But they are tools that trick the user into think they’re being creative.  This is roughly equivalent to a bug smashing into the windshield of a car speeding down the highway and having it’s ghost declare the bodily remnants are art.  Maybe it is, but the question now becomes, what created it.  Doesn’t the car’s windshield have a say in this.  The point is that true art and creativity doesn’t happen easily on a mobile device.

For true creativity and art one needs a real computer.  Linux, Windows, Apple, based systems, whatever.  A big screen and an interface that understands more than pointing,  bashing, and ten thousand oddly hidden features that change with every iteration of the device.

If you’re happy with the clicking sound of two plastic cups coming together as you and your significant other celebrate New Years, an anniversary, or some other significant date, then more power too you.  And don’t forget to check your phone.

Me and mine?  We’ll be clicking some fine crystal glasses together.  And ignoring superfluous electronic distractions.

Sure, sometimes there’s a need or circumstance that dictates that plastic cups be used.  But realize it is much better and satisfying to use real glasses.  And even more important is to realize that mobile devices are good for the first two Cs, not the last C.

So in regards to real computers, as Gallagher says, “It’s got style!”

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