The English language is a wonderful and terrible thing, as are most languages.  It is both glorious and confusing.  A true reflection of human beings.

It begs the question(s): What were they thinking?  Did they make this crap up as they went along?  And like most everything else in this world created by humans, the answer to the last question is: Yes, it was made up as they went along.  Knowing that helps it make more sense.

Here are a few examples of spelling and pronunciation based on original observations from the comedian Gallagher (see links to his original observations below).

T O M B, Tomb (toom).

B O M B, boom?  That’s what it does, but it ain’t how it’s said.  B O M B, bomb (bahm).

OK, B O M B, bomb (bahm), so C O M B, cahm?  No, C O M B, comb (kohm).

Good enough.  C O M B, comb (kohm), so H O M B, home (hohm)?

Nope, H O M E, home (hohm). 

S O M E, some (sohm), unuh, S O M E, some (suhm)

And for the final word, let’s rhyme it with the previous word, but spell it different.  D U M B

One of Gallagher’s original standup (or sit down) routines on this subject;

An extended version of the above video clip;

A more refined version with props;

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