Whether intentional or just an accident of technological development or some strange strategy that involves plausible deniablility, in the end it is a lie?

What’s the lie? Answer: LinkedIn’s statement about posting links in posts. Here’s what they state (a direct quote): “When you share a link that’s longer than 26 characters, we automatically shorten it once you click Post, to make it easier to read.” Below is a snapshot of their article on this subject.

OK, let’s try it by posting this URL into a Linked in Post: Wiki.RiseOfTheSaltonSea.com

What happens? A picture is worth a thousand words (see image below).

LinkedIn Half Truth about URLs

Sure enough, the 28 character URL is truncated, just like they threatened.

Original Version: Wiki.RiseOfTheSaltonSea.com
Truncated Version: https://lnkd.in/gr4GdxQi

URL Easier to Read - NOT

But wait, what about that part that says it makes it easier to read?  …hmmm, I’m thinking, ummm, “No, not really.”

If you wish to remain within the confines of LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc… If you don’t mind being boxed in by the walls of those same websites, limited to what they allow you to do… All of that is fine, if that’s what you want. But maybe you didn’t know you can create your own website without all of those limitations being imposed on you.

Here’s a suggestion: Make your own website with your own presence and personality. Do the things you want to do without limitations or other stupid things imposed on you.

Sure, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and all those other sites are big and popular, so don’t ignore them. Why not use them as a “Feeder Site” that funnels any interested persons to your own site? That’s what I do…

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