What better place to start than the beginning…

The first day of the week is Sunday.  Simple, think about the word sun and add day to the end of it.  Easy.

OK, next Munday.  Nope, Monday is spelled with an ‘O’, not a ‘U’.  Yes it sounds a little bit like MoanDay.

Next is Toosday.  Again, it sounds different than it’s spelled.  Just add in an ‘uh’ without the ‘h’, instead adding an ‘e’ after the ‘u’, and pronounce the ‘ue’ like the letter ‘U’ in the word ‘up’.  No, not Toeysday.  Remember to add the ‘e’ after the ‘u’.  So there you have it, Tuesday.

Whensday is the first really weird day of the week.  Everybody says it without pronouncing the ‘d’, but that is part of the word.  There’s no ‘h’ in there either.  And that also opens up a whole can of worms on Wen VS When, so maybe it’s not so bad.  Until you get to that D in the middle of the word that don’t make no sense.

OK, next is a day of the week that starts out with a familiar sound.  We all known how to pronounce that sound.  There’s lots of words to give an example of.  Tooth, booth, etc.  The…  Damn and that word has two new sounds.  So forget about words that start with Th, wait, there’s Think, that one is OK.  But it’s safer to just go with the ending sound

Moving on.  Friday.  The first day, we’re 6 into it, almost at the end before we finally get to a day that sounds like it’s spelled.  We won’t go into that other word that refers to cooking in a pan with hot oil.  Things are bad enough as they are without going down that path.

Saturday.  What’s that ur?  Someone hesitate?  What not Satday?  Monurday, Tuesurday, Wednesurday (that one’s bad enough)

Well that’s that, except…

…what the heck is that Y doing at the end of all those days.

It’s like someone was making this thing up when they were high?

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